Tools To Help You Power Up Your Potential!

You’ll enjoy books and audio resources you can share with your whole team to deepen their understanding and retention of valuable ideas. Don also provides tailored handouts and exercises from ten years of tested tools as author of the Business Success column, which is distributed through newspapers around the world.

Books by Don Maruska

Take Charge of Your Talent

Did you know that 30 to 40% of talent lies untapped among even the best performers? Would you like to make more of your talent and have fun doing it? This book combines valuable insights from neuroscience and psychology and decades of successful coaching experience to show you how.

How Great Decisions Get Made

Are you trying to bring diverse groups together and want great results? Do you avoid issues or hit roadblocks? This book provides a practical and universally applicable 10-step process that’s delivered results for Fortune 500 companies, high-growth businesses, and communities around the world.

Take Charge Of Your Talent – Audio Version

Are you pressed for time and want to listen and learn? Would you like to reinforce what you read or share the concepts with others? This professional unabridged audio version of the book from Audible will play on your Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Take charge of your talent today.

How Great Decisions Get Made – Audio Companion

Do you like to listen to stories and examples that help you deepen your learning and understanding? Would you like to hear the author explain the steps and share practical experience? This 2-CD audio companion will guide you to translate ideas into practice and encourage your progress.

  • Take Charge of Your Talent offers you the keys to ignite your personal power.

    ~Jim Kouzes, Co-Author of The Leadership Challenge
  • The well-tested process in How Great Decisions Get Made makes it possible to reach high-quality decisions based on accessing everyone’s good thinking and greatest hopes.

    ~ Margaret J. Wheatley, Author of Leadership & The New Science
  • Take Charge of Your Talent is an excellent framework to engage your employees in their own professional development. It is practical, scalable, and enticing. We implemented it at MindBody, and it fit perfectly with our culture and core values.

    ~ Rick Stollmeyer, CEO of MindBodyOnline
  • I’ve seen the key practices in Take Charge of Your Talent work with hundreds of people–from front-line employees to CEO. This book provides valuable ways to develop talent at all levels. Read it and help your career and your organization thrive.

    ~ Frank Benest, Senior Advisor for Next Generation Initiatives
  • Take Charge of Your Talent will teach you how to unlock your gifts and release your power and potential.

    ~ Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The New One Minute Manager
  • Don Maruska provides valuable insights and tools to help teams struggling to define themselves, and it works! The steps in How Great Decisions Get Made have real life meaning. This is a must-have tutorial for any business seeking methods to create and sustain high performance teamwork.

    ~ Bill Hall, Executive Vice President of Duke Power