Get Great Results Now!

Is there a gap between where you are and where you want to be? If so, that’s great. It means that you have potential and motivation for action. Don’s entrepreneurial experience focuses his services on the most efficient and effective ways to get you where you want to go. He emphasizes finding immediate value – in other words, “You’ll catch a fish while you learn how to fish.” So what are your hopes? Where do you want to go? Just as in sports, the best players in business, government, and communities are those who have a coach. Explore the value for you.

Support for the Public Sector – Government agencies and non-profits face special challenges. They frequently have many more interests and constituencies to serve than for-profit businesses. Effective action often requires very diverse and, sometimes bickering, factions to find common ground. Despite all of the problems and constraints, there are great opportunities to help government agencies and non-profit groups accomplish amazing results. More than 50 organizations at the local, state, and federal level have benefited from Don’s services.

Do you have a big idea or opportunity in either the public or private sectors? If so, you will benefit from a Moonshot Catalyst. This is a special service to boost and amplify the results of good people with good ideas. Learn more with the one-page Moonshot Catalyst description.

Action Workshops

Are you looking to bring a group of people together to get action and results? Here’s a proven approach. With decades of experience and wide range of tools, Don will tailor a program for you. This service is for discerning clients who want a workshop leader who will collaborate to optimize value for their organizations.


  • Clarify issues and opportunities that need attention.
  • Break through assumptions and enjoy creative leaps.
  • Define a clear success formula for you and your organization.
  • Focus on initiatives that will yield the best value for you.
  • Establish a compelling game plan to move forward.
  • Boost energy and enthusiasm for successful implementation.


  • Techniques to tap your best thinking.
  • Trigger concepts that stimulate fresh ideas.
  • Proven decision making methods.
  • Practical ways to turn obstacles into stepping stones.
  • Ways to translate ideas into enduring career and organizational assets.
  • Quick action plan outlines.




  • Blended learning, online and in-person, as appropriate.
  • Tailored approach to optimize value for you.
  • Focused strategy and tactics sessions.
  • Follow up action priorities.
  • Coaching to realize sustained results.


Don’s business building, coaching, and teamwork services have been very rewarding for me both personally and financially. Our investment has paid off many times over.

Bill Thoma

President of Thoma Electric

Take Charge Coaching

Take Charge of Your Talent delivers a proven model for individuals and teams to enhance personal engagement and results. It’s not about working harder. It’s about working smarter and enjoying the results. The benefit of this program is how readily and efficiently it scales so that you can serve one person or hundreds of people.


  • Discover the 30 to 40% of talent that lies untapped in even top performers.
  • Increase your personal satisfaction to sustain extraordinary results.
  • Become the hero of your career story.
  • Turn obstacles into springboards for your success.
  • Create tangible talent assets that benefit you and your organization.
  • Stimulate and grow a culture of talent development.



  • Style, Motivation, and Opportunity Profile Reports to accelerate progress
  • Talent Catalyst Conversation to stimulate new opportunities.
  • 15 Proven Tools to Overcome Obstacles.
  • Talent Action Plan.
  • Take Charge of Your Talent book.
  • Take Charge of Your Talent participant guide.




  • 2-3 month program to gain results and refine personal strategies for sustained value.
  • Convenient online-video or in-person sessions.
  • Survey tools to target your needs efficiently.
  • No-struggle policy to provide as-needed support.
  • See more details at: Take Charge of Your Talent.


Our team members in 13 locations around the world reported an average 20% increase in use of their talent and a corresponding increase in job satisfaction. The team continues to bring new assets online and remains actively engaged. I highly recommend Don’s program.

Steve Brown

Managing Director, Accenture

Masterful Facilitation

Great facilitation requires deeply understanding and engaging an audience and helping them to be their best. Don’s approach not only involves everyone efficiently and effectively but also helps them build lasting bonds of shared understanding. These results enable groups to find solutions and implement them together.


  • Bring forth the best thinking of each participant.
  • Deliver constructive, collaborative solutions.
  • Shift frustrating, limiting dynamics to productive relationships.
  • Gain value from Don’s extensive business and organizational experience.
  • Create a framework that participants can build upon.
  • Wow yourself with what is possible.


  • Proven ten-step process for great decisions.
  • How Great Decisions Get Made book.
  • How Great Decisions Get Made audio companion.
  • How Great Decisions Get Made worksheet.
  • Engaging exercises that shift perspectives and provide memorable experiences.
  • Solution Finder for rapid results.


  • In-person or virtual sessions.
  • Effective use of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning techniques.
  • Easily and efficiently scalable to involve diverse stakeholders productively.
  • Self-organizing methods to encourage shared learning.

Don is a brilliant coach and problem-solver. He is also simply a delight to work with; he offers up his extraordinary wisdom lightly. I would highly recommend Don to anyone who needs a sophisticated, powerful, understated guide.

Carol Head

President of Solve Me/CFS Initiative