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What do you remember from the last speaker you heard? Did the experience prompt you to act and enjoy better results? Don’s speaking delivers memorable content in an engaging and fun way. Be sure to check out his Keynote with a Kicker – a keynote plus a follow-up workshop to multiply the value. Participants put ideas into practice so that they take away not only valuable insights but also tangible results in applying them. Discover how your next event can make a lasting difference.


Are you looking to bring a group of people together to get action and results? Here’s a proven approach. With decades of experience and wide range of tools, Don will tailor a program for you. This service is for discerning clients who want a workshop leader who will collaborate to optimize value for their organizations.

Whether you’re the new kid in a cubicle or the boss in the executive suite, you have huge potential for greater productivity and fulfillment. Even very high performers in excellent organizations – large and small, for profit and nonprofit – report that 30 to 40 percent of their talent is untapped. Imagine what lies waiting for you. This dynamic and interactive session shares fresh insights and proven tools from Don’s latest book with a foreword by Jim Kouzes and enthusiastic endorsements from Ken Blanchard, Michael Ray, and dozens of other leaders.
Great decisions bring out the best in people and galvanize them to achieve great results together. Unfortunately, too few great decisions, or even good decisions, get made. This session draws from Don’s highly acclaimed book with a foreword by Meg Wheatley and enthusiastic endorsements from Jack Canfield and dozens of other leaders. Learn why typical decision-making processes fail. Practice two questions you can use to turn around any troubling situation. And see how you can apply ten proven steps to make great decisions.

Learn how growing tech companies and Fortune 100 firms have rapidly accelerated their profitable sales using Don’s Success-Based Marketing tools. Don’t beat yourself up about the sales you don’t make. Most sales people only see the tip of the iceberg – what they are doing with their prospects. What they miss is what’s below the waterline – all of the other dynamics occurring that really drive sales. Discover a straightforward and engaging way to attract and close ideal customer – customers who need your distinctive value, are willing to pay, and are a pleasure to serve.

Many people hope for change – a better job, more profitable business, or more time to enjoy themselves. But few people take the action realize these objectives. This presentation will show you how. Tap keen insights into what it takes to succeed. Use a planning tool to make big leaps successfully. Participate in a stimulating exercise to put the ideas into practice. Think what you could do if you didn’t feel that what you really want is beyond your reach. Now’s the time to get started.

Are you wondering what the future will be for you and your organization? Would you like your business to be dramatically more successful? Learn how to turn those worries and concerns into big results. Take a creative look at your most serious vulnerabilities. Discover ways to turn your vulnerabilities into attractive opportunities. Plan your exit strategy to make your business stronger now. Follow six steps to boost the value of your business to yourself and others.

Everyone has aspirations and plans, but … obstacles get in our way (time, money, people, etc.). Learn how to shift your thinking and actions so that obstacles actually accelerate your results. Learn “kick-but” solutions to the three biggest buts that get in the way of greater productivity and personal fulfillment. Enjoy this lively session that organizations have applauded in both workshops and keynote speeches.  

Discover Why Clients Choose Don Maruska

Discover Why Clients Choose Don Maruska

Don Maruska’s keynote presentation on Take Charge of Your Talent provided an inspiring and thought-provoking close to our annual conference with hundreds of finance professionals. I endorse this program for organizations that want to empower their members to become more productive and fulfilled.
Jesse Takahshi

President of the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers