Solve Climate Change Now

Learn how you can promote a healthy climate and have fun doing it.

Tap the proven, practical tools in this book and invite your family, friends, coworkers, and community members to join you.

Climate health requires changes in how we think and act. I’ve seen the evolution of Solve Climate Change Now and encourage everyone to read the book and do the fun and nonetheless serious work that’s so important for our future on this planet.

~ Michael Ray, professor emeritus, Stanford Business School, coauthor of Creativity in Business, and author of The Highest Goal

Solve Climate Change Now turns traditional wisdom about climate action on its head. Instead of pushing you to take prescribed actions, it attracts you by helping you identify what you love to do. Then, it guides you to find the climate needs you’d like to address. The match up of what you love to do and where you want to make a difference is your “climate sweet spot.” When you follow your sweet spot, you will be on a path to make a meaningful and personally rewarding difference.

This attraction method taps your self-motivation to sustain your efforts for a healthy climate. As you, your family members, friends, coworkers, and community members engage, you will mobilize the support necessary to turn awareness into actions and advocacy for a healthy planet. You’ll also discover how being Climate Action Catalysts for one another will ease your efforts and multiply the value you create.

Benefit from Don Maruska’s experience as a successful entrepreneur, business coach, and climate health leader who speaks from experience. Enjoy the book’s fresh ideas and real-life stories from a wide range of people who will stimulate your thinking and encourage you on your journey. Presented in an easy-to-read style, each chapter includes opportunities for you to make progress. What’s more, the book unlocks online bonuses you can explore and use to deepen your experience and accelerate your results.

Whether you are just thinking about getting involved in climate concerns or a long-time activist, Solve Climate Change Now is a tonic for our troubled times. Shift from dread and despair about climate change to meaningful action to make a difference now and for generations to come.


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    About the Author

    Don Maruska

    Don Maruska engages people around world to take climate action and have fun doing it. Since 2003, he has brought together people from scientific, environmental, business, government, and community organizations to boost awareness, actions, and advocacy for stewardship of natural resources.

    Don enjoys grassroots actions. These include developing strategies with businesses and community organizations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. He has also created videos, study guides, and support resources in use by faith-based groups from multiple denominations.

    Earlier in his career, Don founded and was CEO of three Silicon Valley companies, earning a National Innovator Award. Now, he’s a Master Certified Coach helping others succeed. Don is also the author of How Great Decisions Get Made and co-author of Take Charge of Your Talent. He earned his BA magna cum laude in government from Harvard University and an MBA and JD from Stanford University.

    Major publications including Fast Company, Inc., and Entrepreneur have quoted Don for his expertise. He has also appeared on over 30 radio and TV stations across the country. Businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and community organizations enjoy his inspiring keynotes and productive workshops delivered both in person and online.

    Speaking, Workshops, and Other Support

    Tap Don’s inspiring keynotes and productive workshops to help you and your group do what you love for a healthy planet. Here are a few samples.

    We Can Solve Climate Change Now

    You Can Make a Difference and Have Fun Doing it

    How to Be Climate Action Catalysts for a Healthy Planet

    Editorial Reviews

    Don Maruska’s Solve Climate Change Now is exactly what we have been yearning for…an accessible and positive way forward to reduce environmental damage and repair global climate. He outlines meaningful ways in which everyone can engage and make a difference, starting with our own daily activities and then expanding our efforts with teams or groups of similarly concerned people. His unique concept of making this “fun” is pure Don…a reflection of the ways he has helped organizations and individuals develop a mindset that is at once alluring and actionable. Building on his vast coaching and leadership experience, he offers a practical and instructive guide for individual readers, group facilitators, and leaders interested in positive change. This is a book that will both inspire you and lift your spirits.

    John Steinhart
    Silicon Valley human resources consultant and former Director, Sloan Executive Program, Stanford Graduate School of Business

    Climate health requires changes in how we think and act. I’ve seen the evolution of Solve Climate Change Now and encourage everyone to read the book and do the fun and nonetheless serious work that’s so important for our future on this planet.

    Michael Ray
    Professor emeritus, Stanford Business School, coauthor of Creativity in Business, and author of The Highest Goal

    Don Maruska has a passion for empowering and engaging people on climate solutions. Solve Climate Change Now helps people see the opportunities to take action at home, work, and in their communities.

    Lisa Altieri
    CEO, BrightAction

    Unlike most calls to climate action, Solve Climate Change Now invites us to find joy as we work together to address climate emergency. This wonderful little book shows that each of us has an important role to play in restoring climate health and explains how to find delight and meaning in the process. I encourage everyone to read Solve Climate Change Now and take action.

    The Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas
    Co-editor, Rooted and Rising: Voices of Courage in a Time of Climate Crisis

    This is a fun and useful book. Research shows when people take one action to fight climate change, they are more likely to take additional actions. Solve Climate Change Now has a lot of ideas for getting us all out of our seats to act. I highly recommend this book and Don Maruska’s wonderful way of communicating possibilities!

    Jim Thompson
    Founder of Positive Coaching Alliance, Co-Founder of Recovery Café San José, and Founder of THIS! Is What We Did

    Don’s research gives light to fun and approachable ways to engage in climate activism.

    Calla Rose Ostrander
    Co-founder of Nerds for Earth and catalyst for creating climate healthy communities

    Helping people have fun in what they are doing has demonstrated success in energizing the volunteers we need to promote climate health. While some people may fear that climate change is too serious to be playful, it’s what we need to remain resilient and sustain this important work.

    Tamara Staton
    Greater Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator and Education & Resilience Coordinator for Citizens’ Climate Lobby

    Don Maruska is a dynamo. He inspired our ‘Plant It Forward’ program and charted a leadership course for our club to become net carbon neutral. I hope community service organizations everywhere will read Solve Climate Change Now and discover the joy of taking action.

    Brian Metcalf
    Community Services Chair, Rotary San Luis Obispo de Tolosa

    In order for our planet to thrive, people must thrive too. Learning to align and leverage the hats we wear, the roles we fill and the ways we enjoy spending our time the most with the people whom we care about most with climate action is our best chance to do just that. I’m hopeful that you will take the message of this book to heart and contribute to the awareness, actions, and advocacy we all need to thrive.

    Kelly DeMarco
    Occupational therapist, healthcare and sustainability leader, climate coach, and family farmer

    Coaching has enabled me to see situations from a fresh perspective, expand my networks, and explore new solutions. I highly recommend finding someone to be your climate action catalyst. They help boost your impact, and you have fun doing it.

    Nicole Rycroft
    Founder and Executive Director, Canopy Planet, winner of 2020 Climate Breakthrough Award

    St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church is dedicated to creation care. We hope our example shared in Solve Climate Change Now will inspire faith-based communities and secular groups everywhere to embrace their calls and their abilities to heal our planet. As you build awareness, take action, and advocate, you will be serving as valued stewards of creation.

    The Rev. Dr. Caroline Hall
    Rector, St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church, Los Osos, California

    More than 80% of U.S. carbon emissions come from household consumption, so it is essential that we reduce these emissions if we are to meet our climate goals. We can all participate in reducing these emissions. Based on many years of experience as an entrepreneur and a Master Certified Coach, Don Maruska provides a lively, new approach to steps everyone can take towards improving climate health while having fun doing it.

    John Horsley