If you are among the many PoPo’s (“Passed over and Pissed off), don’t despair. The key for people passed over for a promotion is to shift from being a victim of circumstances to taking charge of their talent and moving forward. Here are some questions to consider in sorting out your situation.

  1. What did you learn from the experience about your opportunities and the organization?
    Seeking a promotion is a great chance to learn what’s needed to advance in your organization and where your skills and experience place you. Be sure to ask for feedback and be open to listening. You want to learn first before you jump to any conclusions or further advocate for yourself.
  2. Is there room for you to grow and develop in the organization?
    Ask about different pathways that might be available to you and how you could fit.
  3. Do you want to work with the person selected for the position you sought and does she or he want to work with you?
    Personal chemistry is critical. If there isn’t a fit, then it’s time to look elsewhere in the organization or beyond.
  4. Take the opportunity to discern what you really want.
    Many people chase after opportunities because they don’t want to miss out on something that other people want. Is the job you missed, what you really want? Did it offer the conditions you need to do your best work? If not, getting passed over frees you to find what will be more rewarding for you.

Don’t wallow in being a PoPo. Instead, show that you are a GoGo (Gotten Over and Getting On) creator of the fulfilling next step in your career.