Are you finding and keeping the talent you need to succeed? Imagine how your business would soar with some key hires and ways to engage them and the employees you already have. Here are practical tips your organization can use to thrive.

1.“Birds of a feather flock together” – find the right flock.

One of the best ways to find great talent is through other great talent. Such great talent can be the best performers in your organization or top-performing talent that you identify on the outside. Whom do you see standing out at conferences or professional gatherings? Whom do they know? It’s networking. Top performers typically aren’t looking for work. You need to be proactive and find them.

2. Keep employees engaged.

People leave organizations or perform below their potential when they either lose self-motivation or lose respect or connection with their bosses.

3. Self-motivation is the key.

It’s got to come from the employees themselves. This shifts the dynamics from a boss or organization trying to “get people to do things” to “people wanting to contribute and do more.” See the blog:

4. Boost the coaching skills of your line managers.

People mainly leave bosses not organizations. Help bosses be coaches rather than managers. Coaches engage employee self-motivation to move forward. They have “stay interviews” with employees to check in and be sure that they are engaged and find what will help good performers be even better.

5. Get targeted help if needed.

While you can’t outsource these fundamental leadership responsibilities, you can get help in designing programs that you implement to boost employee self-motivation and effective leadership. Look for proven templates that fit or can be adapted for your organization and make them your own.

Business rise or fall with the quality of their employees. Make finding and engaging talent every manager’s job.