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  As the waves of Baby Boomers hit the shores of retirement, businesses and government agencies across the United States face huge talent shortages. While the Baby Boomer generation has 76 million members, Generation X following it numbers only

What are you doing to develop talent in your organization? Studies indicate that fewer than half of American businesses have formal programs to identify and develop needed future talent. Reviewing how your human capital is appreciating it as

There’s a simple yet powerful formula for getting what you want. It’s called I.O.R.C. – Intention, Observation, Request, and Confirmation. Decide what you want to ask of someone and follow these steps. I’ve included an example of

Many people dream about what they might be doing. They think, “I’d like to be doing , but I can’t in my current job.” Before you take a leap, figure out if your passion is a flash-in-the-pan or the real thing. Sometimes we become attracted